Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Badass Master Chief animation

Master Chief's Got A Present For You -

I borrowed the in-game model from Halo1, rigged it, and decided to make an animation with it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gamma is Sneeky

This be another piece of assignment in my course of Film and Animation.
More last minute work as evident by the roughly animated hose and cheap gas effects. But I still would like to know what you think.

I'd like to know what kind of color scheme would fit this setting.

Gamma Is Sneaky - Click here for more free videos

Monday, September 24, 2007

Global Warming

I'd appreciate it if all comments/critic focus on the production values than the content. Global Warming wasn't our first choice. It was simply the one that required the least thinking. :D

Saturday, July 14, 2007

[D23AB Art Jam] Rippling muscles

D23AB Art Jam 05 by ~NightShadow02

This started as a jam in which no one really wanted to draw anything. But the groove came back later in the drawing process. RIPPLING MUSCLES.

[D23AB Art Jam] Assey

D23AB Art Jam 04 : Assish by ~NightShadow02

One of the nicest art jams that we has. With nice composition and what not. This jam kinda focusses on asses.

[D23AB Art Jam] Fruitie

D23AB Art Jam 03 : Fruitie by ~NightShadow02

After the last jam we sat down and said it was a good idea to have themes to our art jams. I started by drawing frutes. Its not totally fruity but it generally is. Quiet! >=|

[D23AB Art Jam] FAGS

D23AB Art Jam 02 by ~NightShadow02

Yet another art jam with housemates and friends. A couple of them were Gunbounding and some rude jerks from America called them fags. Like true professionals, instead of calling people names, we used the insult as a means of brushing up our drawing skills.

[D23AB Art Jam] It's everywhere!

Random sketching 237492515 by ~NightShadow02

First art jam with housemates and some friends.

[Art] Random sketchings 321546156

Random sketching 237492515 by ~NightShadow02

A couple of chibimi's which I drew out of boredom in class. Drawing also includes tasty babe, chibimi and chibifanshu drawn by a classmate.

[Art] Invulnerable Colossus

The Invulnerable Collosus by ~NightShadow02

I envision a day when all collosii are furless and selfish young wanderers are doomed to getting crushed by metallic beasts. If you has not played Shadow of the colossus you wouldn't know what I mean.

Anyway, this is a drawing I did after I got inspiration from the previous drawing, OPTIMUS PRIME. Yay complexity.

[Art] Optimus Prime

OPTIMUS PRIME by ~NightShadow02

I liked the eyes of the transformers so I drew the eyes. One thing led to another and BAM! A FREAKING HUGE ROBOT THINGIE.

This was drawn without any reference so it is obviously not the Prime you know. Just some robotic heap that vaguely looks like Mister Prime himself.

You can see the chopper I did a few devs back. It got in the way and I couldnt erase my own flesh and blood. You can't too

[Art] Helijeepney

Helijeepney by ~NightShadow02

Helicopter jeepney combo! These were simply designs created during boring classes. YAAAWN

[Art] Stylized Tiberian Dawn harvester

A stylized TD Harveyster by ~NightShadow02

It's the C&C Tiberian Dawn harvester! Ah~ those were the tasty days

[3D Art] Gamma R-01

Gamma R-01 Colored by ~NightShadow02

The character model I'm going for in my Film and Animation course in which I'm majoring in Character Animation

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

[Flash] Summer

The Summer by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

A strange scene I saw in my head when listening to this music. Sorry no preloader! Please visit the link stated above.

[Art] Please do not eat the tiberium

Please do not eat the Tiberium by ~NightShadow02

One of many 'Tiberium is our future' posters that I've made up.

[Flash] Bunch of cuteness

one of many paintchats I had with a friend of mine, ooi shin

[Flash] Barry likes to dance

BARRY LIKES TO DANCE by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

a loop for an animation for an assignment. Sorry no preloader! Please visit the link stated above.

[3D] GDI Pitbull WIP

GDI Pitbull WIP by ~NightShadow02

A pitbull which I'm still working on. It definitely needs more details.

Friday, April 06, 2007


COMRADE by ~NightShadow02

We all love bananas with ripped abs and tight abs.

[Comic] The Head of Nod

The Head of Nod by ~NightShadow02

I'd like to think the reason Kane is bald is because he has chronic cranial hair growth syndrome

[Art] Orange Chan

Orange-chan by ~NightShadow02

MMMMM oranges *wets lips*

i was randomly choosing colors. tell me if they look fine or blinding. to those who do not yet know, I'm color blind. [/end sob story]

I have since found out that there's some species of GREEN in that coloring of mine. How insane is that huh?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007

Moosepad from PCNC and a landing

Thank you mister gokcen of . I've got me nice C&C mousepad. It feels so wonderful. *strokes it*



Also, on my flight back from KL, we were landing right, captain either made a really good approach , had some nice headwind , was in a hurry or was testing the braking capabilities of the craft. For we landed and stopped just in time to enter the taxi junction to the main terminal. For you plane enthusiasts :