Saturday, August 25, 2012

[Flash] [2D] Direct and Dominate

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Click the image above to play Direct and Dominate on Newgrounds!

 I have recently made an interactive novel decision-based game inspired by Westwood's original Command and Conquer in 1995.

Share your endings! Share your Comments & Criticisms! Kindly give comments and criticism regarding how well the "game" works. For example, is the game too short? Are the choices too plenty? Is the music horrible? Is the UI intuitive? What do you like about it? How could it have been done better?

The problems with it as far as I can tell so far but don't really have the resources to fix, is that some of the choices end quickly and some other choices end much later. This will be balanced in the next episode. I'm keeping artstyle grayscale for now since I'm color blind and if you look at my old work, were EYE RAZOR DUST.

I'm approaching the next episode with a more character focused approach. What I mean by this is that you won't be making a decision for a huge group of random soldiers but for a single person. This will all take place within the fictional universe of alternate Tiberian Dawn.

Thanks for being the first "testers" of this little project!