Friday, May 02, 2014

[2D] [Flash] Skeleton Jack : The widescreen Re-release!

Hello community! Some of you may remember the final year project for MMU's film and animation course which I made about 5 years ago.

With the growing trend of widescreen and HD, I decided to revisit this project and re-export it in wiiiidescreeen and in (subpar) HD!

 As a little bonus, sound effects and soundtrack has also been reworked to make use of the experience I've gained from listening to sound artists do the thing they do in games and movies.

Also I can't believe that this mess of a making-of website is still alive. Well, I guess if you're into making of's there's that abomination of a blog.

[2D] [Flash] Nosemilk Banana Party!

Some days, I just want to animate something of my own free of creative constraints and requirements.

This was the result.

 Never thought I would revisit the day where I would once again be animating dancing bananas.

Head to the albinoblacksheep link here to see what I mean.

[Flash] [2D] That is not Solid Snake!

That is NOT Solid Snake!

One of the most memorable quotes from Metal Gear Solid 2. The line was performed by Jack Renard from Broad Spectrum Studios for their excellent Hiimdaisy comic re-imagination video which you can see below!

[Cine] Generic Dubstep Music Video

So I got a new rear-visor for my car and I decided to document putting it on. This edit is inspired by those auto shows showing their fancy cars with neat camera angles.

[Cine] How to make noodles in one minute

Hey look who just got a new camera! The Sony Handycam PJ380! It has great quality recordings and takes nice night shots! So here's me making noodles for lunch.

This will probably be the first official [Cine] tag which would stand for cinematography posts in general.

Dang, got to find the source file for that Flash header.

[3D] Stealth Action Flick : The Work In Progress

Hello community!

There was a thing that I was working on a few years back involving spies and mercenaries which I dug up from the good ol' days.

However, due to my rust in 3DS Max, I decided to convert the project into a Maya deal.

This is a re-rigging of the model of days old.

Yes, crudely animated. But seems to have all the range of motions that I'm looking for.

[3D] Fat Proton Gen 2 made and animated in Maya

I almost forgot I had this blog! I was wondering what features Youtube has that enables you to communicate with your viewers then I remembered Youtube was part of Google which Blogspot is also affiliated with.

Ah. The loop. I'm so out of it.

Anyway, here's something that I did a while back. Was training myself to develop some kind of simple car rig. With reference from my good friend Yew Lee, I managed to come up with something for my Proton Gen 2 which I made a chibi model of.

What you just saw was a silly unpolished rig test.

The one you see above has a slightly tidied up animation for making my car dance next to my car.

That's probably all the time I plan to invest in this little project. It's DONE.