Thursday, January 15, 2009

Defragmentation of the broken mug

Remember the broken mug? I've attempted to reassemble the mug with my limited wit and supergluuuuue!

Here's the mug, being all broken and unassembled.

Here we see the foundation starting to take shape.

Here we see a "sirap-oren-bandung" behind the partly defragmented mug.

That crack looks pretty awesome. Looks like something Kane would have on his ironing board. For when he irons his clothes.

The following video demonstrates the limited capabilities of the mug to contain fluids. This high profile stress-test should only be performed by a professional mug-testing-technician.

Nodification Prizes : RECEIVED (wait wat)

If you were prancing around this blog yesterday, you would realise that I've "recieved" my Nodification prizes.

So another FedEx truck delivering an extra box of goodies couldn't possibly be anything prize-like.

Above: Probably not C&C-related goodies.

But yet.

This box contains a non-shattered(see previous post) Nod mug, C&C3 Deluxe Edition and a Kane Lives T-shirt. No Red Alert 3 though.

So now I've got this:

2 Nod mugs (1 in less-than-good condition), 1 copy of Red Alert 3 Premiere Edition, 2 copies of C&C 3 : Deluxe Edition, 2 Kane Lives T-shirts.

Uhm. Thank you? *uncertain grin*

At least whoever shipped the goods this time used a box. With foam bits. And bubble wrap.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nodification Prizes : RECIEVED

Remember the time I participated in this contest? I've finally recieved the prizes!
According to the Commercial Invoice, they were sent on the 7th of January of 2009. Or maybe thats just customs. I don't really know.

One major flaw though.


It's been opened.

And a lot of clinking can be heard. (Clinking can be heard in video below)

What IS causing all that noise?

Oh. A broken mug. That's no big deal. Because.

Kane Lives Shirt, CNC3 Deluxe, Red Alert 3 Premiere Edition. I got more than I deserved.

NightShadow wins third place, consisting of a copy of "C&C3: Deluxe Edition" and a "Kane Lives" T-shirt


No mention of Red Alert 3 Premiere Edition. There must be a mix-up in the prize-giving-room-of-operations.

However, in a gracious display of sportsmanship, Kalle informed me that he did, in fact already have the travel mug and TW T-shirt, so these gifts will handed down to Ricky P (he'll get the T-shirt) and NightShadow (he'll get the mug).


Well a mug for Red Alert 3 isn't a bad trade-off.

Thank you, and Mister Kaufman!

Coming up, fixing the broken mug!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Skeleton Jack and The Temple Of the Musical Cuttlefish

This post details me and my adventures in The Faculty of FCM and The Project Of Year Finality!

Concept Board

A treasure hunter, Skeleton Jack, clearly an homage to the Genndy Tartakovsky TV series, Samurai Jack, finds the Temple Of The Musical Cuttlefish, grabs the goods, becomes hunted and a spoilerific ending ensues. Now don't tell anyone about the ending. It's only between you and me.

Name Change
Some of you may notice the change of the title. This was due to reasons which will be revealed in the following animatic.


Music from Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4, Fortress Sneaking and Desperate Chase, and Fallout 3 SFX from various games including but not limited to Fallout 3 and COD4.