Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nodification Prizes : RECEIVED (wait wat)

If you were prancing around this blog yesterday, you would realise that I've "recieved" my Nodification prizes.

So another FedEx truck delivering an extra box of goodies couldn't possibly be anything prize-like.

Above: Probably not C&C-related goodies.

But yet.

This box contains a non-shattered(see previous post) Nod mug, C&C3 Deluxe Edition and a Kane Lives T-shirt. No Red Alert 3 though.

So now I've got this:

2 Nod mugs (1 in less-than-good condition), 1 copy of Red Alert 3 Premiere Edition, 2 copies of C&C 3 : Deluxe Edition, 2 Kane Lives T-shirts.

Uhm. Thank you? *uncertain grin*

At least whoever shipped the goods this time used a box. With foam bits. And bubble wrap.

1 comment:

Edmund Yung said...

first one was cool... 2nd one... wth? hahaha