Saturday, November 25, 2006

News and gadgets
I particularly enjoyed the last sentence.

Awesome watch. I would like to get my hands on one o these. Being the only one who knows how to understand your watch would be so cool. heh

Friday, November 24, 2006

Inner Life of A Cell

I was googling about when I found this. Awesome stuff.

Inner Life of the Cell

Watch it watch it watch it! In other news, I've updated the links to the right. Now three of them work.

3D art (Last updated 25/04/07)

This post has shows all the 3D work that I've made in chronological order ; oldest at the bottom, newest at the top. A quick thumbnail view (not sorted) is available after this list.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Animations (Last update: 25/04/07)

This posts lists all the animations that I've made that are worthy of showing be it because it's very good or because it shows the evolution of my animation skills.

Divided into Flash animations, 3D animations and GIF animations.

Youtubed 3D animations can be seen after the list.

Flash Animations

3D Animations

GIF MMS Animations

[Animation3D] Need For Speed Tank Rush

Teehee. For a competition but I didn't make it. ._.

[Animation3D] Desert Run - with Halo Soundtrack

Music from Halo! Had this scene in my head whenever I hear these tunes.

[Animation3D] Canons of Doom

My crazy fantasies concerning high school destruction. n__n

[Animation3D] Late Goodbye

Was experimenting with lighting and had this scene in my mind ever since I heard the song. Late Goodbye by Poets of the fall

[Animation3D] Red vs. Blue

Naval forces from the Allies and Soviet clash! Sort of. Almost.

[Animation3D] NSAir Stall

I'm always fascinated by planes so I animated one of my own. Nothing special. The plane stalled.

[Animation3D] Die GDI

First 3D animation. Inspired by those C&C TD FMVs. You know the ones.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Drawings - Last Update 25/04/07

This post lists all drawings that I have deemed worthy for critical examination that I have uploaded to date. Clicking these links will bring u to each drawings's respective post.

They're currently divided into

1.Concept Art
  • Tanks
  • Characters
  • Moving Fortresses
  • Terrestial Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Misc.

3.Command & Conquer Fan Art
  • General
  • Red Alert 2
  • Tiberian Dawn
  • Generals

Concept Art
Electron Tank
Random WW2 Tank
Generic Single Barreled Battle Tank

Barry the Exploding Banana NEW
MGS Snake

Commodore Sool
Soldiers and their various personalities
Strong Ripped Muscular Soldier
Two soldiers interact with a shotgun
Captain Hero Face - Master of Swordsplay, Legendary Pirate, Sworn Destroyer of the Undead

Moving Fortresses
FS-74 Complicated Big Moving Fortress Tank
Guru Tank Moving Fortress
Iksnu MPV Moving Fortress

Terrestial Vehicles
Concept Chibi Jeep
Generic Street Tuner
Snail Ex Machina

Baby Boeing (NEW)
Harrier in my style
Made up Goliath chopper


Lara Croft
Random old friend
General Mizu of the NSArmy

Westwood Studio's Command & Conquer Fan Art
Tiberium Wars Witty Poster
Entry for CNC3 Design Contest

Red Alert 2
Allied Task Force
Old Soldier Designs
Chrono Legionaire
Battle between Allies and Soviets
Inside A War Factory
Battle Fortress in my drawing style
Kirov Airship With Huge Mouth
RA2 Units being out of character
Everyone's favourite Prism Tank
My rendition of a Tesla Trooper early style
Bugeyed Yuri
Not the Conscript you remember
Tesla Trooper drawn my newer style
Guardian GI with as of that time horrible shading

Tiberian Dawn
Peace At War
Nod soldiers ambushed during a camping trip
An action filled (not the kind you are probably expecting) drawing of a GDI base
Made up Goliath chopper

Soldiers Driving Humvees with a bunch of reinforcements in the background
USA Attack Force

Zaibatsu GTA2 logo
Some o' my friends in comic style
Hideous Failed Attempt at Digital Painting (I'm color blind)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

[3D] Naked Snake

Naked Snake Big Boss WIP 2 by ~NightShadow02

Naked Snake! <3 I was playing mgs3 and was attracted to naked snake. He makes me question my sexuality.

[Flash] For the Drivers

I was cycling home one day and had this ridiculous idea

[3D] Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop final by ~NightShadow02

This be what i settled on doing for my coffee shop. I had bigger plans. But I failed to achieve. Due to lack of incentives. :D I figured I could get a relatively good score with this alone

[Flash] Interface design

Flipbook Final by ~NightShadow02

Just me giving a design to the ipgrafika's excellent flipbook actionscript.

[Drawings] Vengeance

Vengeance by ~NightShadow02

First try on digital painting. You can see that my color blindness affected the outcome of the overall mood of the image. I was hoping this would look like a sunset

[Flash] The Introduction

Its just a madly animated frame by frame (but not the best) introductory animation thing for a webcomic thing that a friend and I are working on

[Flash] Claymation Digital Time Sheet

This is roughly the idea which we're trying to convey in our claymation. Turned out to be vastly different.

[3D] Kodiak Bomber

Kodiak Heavy Bomber by ~NightShadow02

Another entry for the C&C3 design contest. Didn't win.

[Flash] SC:PT

I made two versions. One with motion tween, the other with faked stop motion capture.

Motion Tween

Faked Stop Motion Capture

Its based on Splinter Cell multiplayer mode. The PT stands for Plot Twist, not Pandora Tomorrow

[Drawings] Tiberian Emo Soldier

Nod Tiberian Emo Soldier by ~NightShadow02

An entry for the CNC3 design contest. I won a consolation prize though. A mousepad. Which I have yet to recieve. But it's for another entry entitled Hand Of Nod.

Hand Of Nod

[Drawings] Captain Hero Face

Captain Hero Face by ~NightShadow02

A character that I made up. Pirate cowboy themed freak

[3D] DeLorean

DeLoreans by ~NightShadow02

Render of old models I found on a 3D forum.

[3D] The door!

The Door by ~NightShadow02

I made one fatal mistake, I rendered a vertical inclined object panoramically.

[Flash] 'D series

[Flash Animation] My Journey Through Life

Be sure to watch the plot twist.
Assigintment. Make personal road map of own life. Spent lots of time in 'The Future'. Make sure you watch it.

[Drawings] Styling Real People

The Solution by ~NightShadow02

Converting some o my friends into comic-form. Pretty accurate if I say so myself. Cept for the conversion of myself. That one is not accurate. Heh.

[Drawings] Tiberium Wars picture

CNC 3 TIBERIUM WARS by ~NightShadow02

Me being witty making fun of the name they gave the new Command & Conquer

[Drawings] General Mizu

NSARMY General Mizu by ~NightShadow02

She handles the physical issues of the NightShadow Army!

[3D] Chinese Fortress

Chinese Fortress 02 by ~NightShadow02

The fortress design wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be. But too late now, the fortress will only appear for a few frames in my mou vie so I just decided to let it stay this way

[Comic] Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid by ~NightShadow02


[3D] Brontok Crawler with Line of Action!

Brontok Crawler Unleashed by ~NightShadow02

I think it's line of action. You know, the camera rolls 45 degrees thing? Iono

[3D] Brontok Crawler

Brontok Crawler Updated by ~NightShadow02

The final version of my mobile fortress 3D model.

[3D] Chinese War Factory

CNC Generals War Factory 02 by ~NightShadow02

The basic shape is from CNC Generals the Chinese Army. Added a little detail here and there. Prop of my WIP animation

[3D] Hostel Room now with color!

Room in color 02 by ~NightShadow02

There, that's prolly the closest to RL color as I can choose.

[3D] Hostel Room

My Room by ~NightShadow02

This was how my hostel room looked like. With the exception that my room actually has color. Was testing light tracer

[Drawings] Snail Ex Machina

Snail Ex Machina by ~NightShadow02

I'm not using Ex Machina literally. Its just a mechanical snail and Ex Machina sounds mechanical.

[3D] Truck!

Truck 01 by ~NightShadow02

The best truck in the world! I was doodling in 3D with simple primitives and it evolved into something a little more complex

[3D] Helix Chopper

Helix Chopper by ~NightShadow02

The helix chopper from generals which I modified a lot. The real helix chopper in existence can't hold a single tank from what I deduce from pictures. And I bet the color scheme is bothering some people. I'm color blind.

[Flash] Fing-kun

First long frame by frame animation. Features Fing-kun the thing.

[Flash] Gar3

This be another looping animation of a frame by framely animated monster. I was intrigued by the capabilities of frame by frame at the time and was experimenting with it a lot.

[Flash] Raku raku dinokun

Looping animation of the cyber pet thing that I used to own. I liked this particular animation. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Original animations can be seen here

[Flash] Giant machine

Looping animation showing a giant machine with an impractical propulsion method. I actually had a different idea for the movement with much smoother animations. I couldn't achieve that effect. I'll fix it when I feel like it.

[Flash] Hampster Dancing

Flash that I randomly got idea of. This is the one deviation that made my deviation views shoot from around 2K to 10K. Sick I tell you.

[Flash] NightShadow Zeo-X collabs

I started the flash with a banana phone scene when my partner started some other thing. One thing led to another and a flash of much randomness was created. The story was pretty spontaneous. Much like the time i changed the flow of the story when i discovered his stash of stuff. He had to stop the makery because it started to lag on his PC.

As some of you might have guessed, this is a flash based loosely on splinter cell pandora tommorow's multiplayer mode. Its really fun. You should try it. You might not get what certain scenes mean if you haven't played it. Sry

[Flash] Bus stop

Two paus waiting for a bus end up with rather bloody consequences

[3D] Z-type

Zaibatsu Z-Type by ~NightShadow02

Zaibatsu Z-type. Now in TUH REEEE DEEEEE! I looked at the 2D sprites from GTA2 and decided that this would how the Z-type would look in 3D. Of course I'm not good at modelling organic objects yet at the time. You can see weird deformations on the front tyre pod.

[Drawings] Zaibatsu logo

Zaibatsu Logo by ~NightShadow02

You GTA2 fans out there would recognise this. Done this in homage to the almighty Zaibatsu corporation of GTA2

[Drawings] Guardian GI from YR

Guardian GI by ~NightShadow02

I fail at shading. I'm better now though. Honest! This was what, a year ago?

Guardian GI. Uncrushable rocket infantry for the Allies. When deployed, they surround themselves with what seems like industrial strength armor plates. They find sanctuary behind these things from which they fire powerful armor piercing rockets.

Beefy men with thick necks and hairy arms are usually selected for this particular unit. They need the strength and fearsome-looks to lug around theyre rocket launcher and a lot of armor plates. Their uniform has long sleeves to prevent other units from being distracted by their hairy arms and bulging muscles since this can look very fearsome to friend or foe.

[Drawings] Tesla Trooper from RA2

Tesla Trooper 1.1 by ~NightShadow02

A remake of my tesla trooper. The original design tesla trooper that westwood uses is neckless and a stout looking humanoid. Type tesla trooper into google image search and you'll see it.

I changed it to something i thought looked cooler. The helmet functions as a filter thingie to prevent the tesla trooper from blinding himself with the extreme voltages of electricity that it works with. The generator is supported by both of shoulders of the soldier and can generate a buttload of electricity to electrocute an enemy soldier or vehicle. Tesla troopers are useful for tank elimination as they are uncrushable in-game.

[Drawings] Conscript from RA2

Conscript 1.1 by ~NightShadow02

Soviet Conscript from Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 by Westwood Studios

Cheap man with cheap gun. Mainly used as cannon fodder, these units are only useful in numbers higher than two million. Costs $100 in the game. Dont let their mean looks decieve you, they are a good natured lot these conscripts they are. Loyally obeying your every orders (like making them charge blindly into chaotic situations where death is no doubt certain) with the occasional 'da.'. Occasionally stretches and yawns while idling.

This is a redrawing of a soviet conscript. Now he looks bigger better and brawnier. I saw a picture somewhere of a CG conscript in which it looked really creepy and therefore cool.

Yep, it's a conscript sir. Shall I get the sniper rifle?

No, no that' won't be necessary, we'll just drive by him, he can't hurt us. Why waste ammo?

True sir, true.

[3D] Flame Tank

Flame Tank BoN CnC by ~NightShadow02

The Flame Tank from Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn. I remember how awesome it was seeing the flame tank in the FMV in one o those missions. I modified the design to look a little more um.. . cute? Metal Slug kind of cute. Strenuos grasp in making good materials as you can see. It looks like a frickin toy

The main reason I decided to model this was the inspiration that came from looking at this floor plan. A FLOOR PLAN

floor plan to tank by ~NightShadow02

[3D] DeLorean

Chibified DeLorean by ~NightShadow02

I've seen a lot of instances where people drew real cars in super deformed (chibi) format. Well, I did the same to the DeLorean. Also, all the special effects like motion blur and particle effects are done in 3D Studio MAX itself.

[3D] London Bridge

Nursery Rhyme by ~NightShadow02

Not THE London bridge. It's just A London bridge. No accurately textured. Not too accurately modelled too. Just wanted to get the idea of the nursery rhyme through. Albeit in a dark and evil way.

[Flash] Gimonfu

Gimonfu is copyright Neko-13. I just decided to animate it. One of my early frame by frame flash.

[Drawings] Onion!

Bawang on a pillow by ~NightShadow02

More comic art. Little onion sits merrily on a soft fwuffy pillow. n__n

[Drawings] Tako!

Octopus by ~NightShadow02

I drew this in class. aand. I think I was drawing it based on the one in DBZ. Comic art sample.

[Flash] Bouncing for all eternity

Bouncing Pau or Potato AUDIO by ~NightShadow02

Music : exodus by maksim

This was animated when a fellow friend I asked what to animate suggested a bouncing pautato on a pogo schtick. Bounce bounce bounce. One of my motion tween relient shortimations. Sigh

Animator vs. Animation 2

I'm sure most of you have watched this flash animation. This time, the animation takes you out of Macromedia Flash and on to the desktop! I however thought that the first one was more fun and original. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's cause I work in the Macromedia flash environment a lot.

What do YOU think?

[Flash] Walk animation

Today in class, all of us showed our walk animation. Some were really good liek Ninas, Alan I think and Ali's fluid alien movement was pretty cool. Cept for the fact that the shadows and highlights on his one didn't look to pleasant. But the movement was super. Mine (jumping around in the background) was rejected because t'was technically not walking. After seeing everyones great effort, I made another one with even greater effort. (TWO hours now instead of the previos ONE!) Here it is.

We Still Love The Prince by ~NightShadow02

Monday, November 20, 2006

[Comics] Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Comic!

I actually stopped this but considering the upcoming C&C3, and the new fanbase it will create, I prolly might continue this.

Command and Conquer Page 01 by ~NightShadow02

Command and Conquer Page 02 by ~NightShadow02

Command and Conquer Page 03 by ~NightShadow02

Command and Conquer Page 04 by ~NightShadow02

Command and Conquer Page 05 by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

Command and Conquer Page 06 by ~NightShadow02

Command and Conquer Page 07 by ~NightShadow02

Command and Conquer Page 08 by ~NightShadow02

Command and Conquer Page 09 by ~NightShadow02

Command and Conquer Page 10 by ~NightShadow02

Command and Conquer Page 11 by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

[3D] Beluga Plane

Beluga Airasia Plane 02 by ~NightShadow02

Another original super deformed chibi airplane creation from 2D to 3D. I had problems modelling this. I think I used spline modelling. And then today I realise I could do the same with just a box and some mesh smoothing.

[Drawings] One o those developed character drawings

USA attack force 02 by ~NightShadow02

You know, where the humans have different traits and all. They all look pretty much the same though. Well most soldiers are. Heh.

[Drawings] GDI Goliath Chopper

Chopper carrying humvee by ~NightShadow02

I for some reason like the chopper design very much. Fat and cute thing. and yet looks monstrous. THE GDI GOLIATH (i made up that name) CHOPPER!

I also began to draw my Orcas like how I would model them too.


pharoah thingie by ~NightShadow02

One day old friend DK asked me to model this pretty tasty looking pharoah thing. So I did. Mmmm. Gold and blue. Tasty. Look a gold piece! Take it take it!

[3D] 3rd Generation Orca model

orcas on a helipad by ~NightShadow02

Here you see the 3rd remake of my orca 3D model. With GTA3 signboards to boot. Not a practical design for a base though. Crap designer me.

[3D] True to original Kirov Airship

kirov 74 by ~NightShadow02

True to the original in the sense of the shark mouth portion. My drawings of the Kirov used to be huge ass mouths. This airship is based on Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 units. I also used Renegade 2 reference pictures. Its a shame they discontinued it. Red Alert 1 in 3D! Wait, that doesn't make sense. What's a kirov doing in the Red Alert 1 universe? The mysteries will never be solved. u__u

[3D] Moms car ON A PLANE!

INCOMING by ~NightShadow02

No I meant on a plane's path of destruction. Could use some motion blurringness. And better light rendering methods.

[3D] 3D to 2D

a fictional car in the real wo by ~NightShadow02

not as awesome as the title suggests. this is the color scheme of taxis in my hometown but there aren't any of the truck variety. So i made this. The lighting is kinda spot on if u print it out. Still needs work with the reflections and anomalies in the model in which i used weird modelling techniques.

[3D] Mom's car

how my moms car really looks by ~NightShadow02

Cheap ol technique involving the sticking of side taken photographs of the real car and putting in on standard crap geometry. hehe. The cop car in the background was shown in the newspapers and had this left right front back ortographic views too. So I modelled it. Yay

[3D] Attack of the drone

attack of the drone by ~NightShadow02

There thats my first orca model! And the tank comes from Ground Control 1. The giant drone in the back is the terror drone from Red Alert 2! I was experimenting with Depth of Field rendering.

[3D] Good ol' Jeep

a jeep by ~NightShadow02

Look, its my 2D jeep converted to 3D! I didnt draw front and back pictures so thats why the front lack detail and stuff. First drawing of mine which I turned into 3D.

[3D] The Bringer of Light

The Chinese Nuclear Cannon 4 by ~NightShadow02

One of my first somewhat complicatedly modelled models. I had no idea the green was so distracting. Anyway, gotta fix those colors soon. Modelled based upon references from the game and some blueprints from a Command and Conquer fansite.

[3D] The light

The Nuclear Explosion by ~NightShadow02

I was observing the Command & Conquer Generals nuclear explosion and tried to understand how they did it. It turns out there was glow around the explosion which made it look so awesome. I tried to duplicate this effect in 3D studio max. Here eees result.

[3Dold] Orcas of Old

orcas by ~NightShadow02

I <3 the C&C Tiberian Dawn orcas and for that fact, I modelled the Orcas several times. This was the second attempt if i remember correctly. The first one I did was more like my orca drawings at the time. Rectangular and such

[3Dold] Jamba and Pleakly spaceship

space ship from lilo and stitc by ~NightShadow02

during that time era, I tried my modelling skills to model the spaceship from Lilo & Stitch which belongs to Jamba and Pleakly. I was amazed that this cartoon didn't actually have a story where the bad guy gets killed and stuff like that until I discovered that Ghibli Studios has been making stories like that since ever.

[3Dold] School under attack

Chunghua under attack by ~NightShadow02

A buncha my old 3D work preparing to attack the school block which I used to study in. I'm pretty pleased with the harriers on the running track but not so happy with the chinoise nukiler cannons.

[3Dold] My school block

space ship from lilo and stitc by ~NightShadow02

a generic school block from my school. a picture of a real one can be seen in the next post.

[3Dold] One o the first 3D models I made - Tank

juggernaut getting it by ~NightShadow02

Actually this was supposed to show a giant terror drone about to crush the lousily modelled tank in the foreground. For some reason it isn't there. Look at all the primitive modelling techniques. I laff at myself.

Well enough uploading for today

Lets see, I've uploaded a buttload today and I'll continue tomorow. Rest assured, all these posts will not dissappear over time. As you can see, I have neatly organized the links to which each post will be put into overtime. Most of the stuff that I've uploaded today are pencil drawings so they will go under the pencil drawing post.

Now that I think of it, it involves some serious copy pasting and editing. Hoo boy. Well, anything for the sake of art!

On that note, here are today's recomendded flash movies!


Heard the song Albuquerque (al-boo-kir-key) by Weird Al? This guy made an animation which I enjoyed very muchly. The movements of the main character are in sync and well done. I like the GETEMOFFME part. 10MB in size. Make sure u have broadband!


A graphically enjoyable 3D missile game! It was fun for the first few levels until I became so slow that I died a hundred deaths. Go. Play it. Go on now. Scoot.

[3D] Tomahawk Missile

Tomahawk missile launcher by ~NightShadow02

TomahaTOMAHAWK MISSILE[/echo] A Tomahawk missile launcher I modelled based on reference I found on the many C&C fansites on the intarweb. Definitely not game friendly as evidenced by the many screws on the thing. Each screw or bolt whatever thing it is is hexagonal.

Not quite art! ; Strong Duct Tape!

Travelling cheap by ~NightShadow02

Yeah I'm sure ALL planes use duct tape to support engine mountings.

[Animation] Potato Driver MMS animation

potato in a car by ~NightShadow02

I was drawing the car and decided to make an animation. Its so tiny. I'll prolly make a flash version soon.

[3D] MSN messenger 10

MSN 10 by ~NightShadow02

MSN messenger 10! Concept art. Trying to fool those who are easily fooled. Bwahaha.

[Animation] I miss you : MMS animation

miss by ~NightShadow02

Only here can be this animation be shown. Not for sale!

If this was sold to you, YOU'VE BEEN HAD! CHEATED! BLACK MONIED! Report stolen GIFs! They happen. =___=

[Drawings] Yijia

Yijia by ~NightShadow02

Lame girl drawing attempt. Was on pencil then traced it using line tools in Flash.
We call her Yijia

[Drawings] YURI

Yuri by ~NightShadow02

Character from Command and Conquer Red Alert 2. Fear his awesome pupils of pixelsizedness!

[Drawings] Street Racer

STREET racer by ~NightShadow02

Need For Speed Underground influence. Nothing too nice. Just an orthographic view of an unbranded tuner.

[Drawings] Tiberian Dawn C&C GDI base

GDI base by ~NightShadow02

C&C Fan Art again! GDI base with stuff happening. Spot what you can spot.

[Drawings] Tesla Trooper Early Style

Tesla Trooper by ~NightShadow02

The Tesla trooper. From Red Alert 2. Not true to the game. My own style. I didnt have any idea how to draw those giant helmet things and still make it look good. So i decided to draw it my way. Its a drawing from my tiny torso drawing era too.

[Drawings] Allied Prism Tank C&C Red Alert 2

Prism Tank by ~NightShadow02

This is what I think it looks like up close. Lots of details I made up.

[Drawings] Generic Tank

Generic tank 01 by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

Generic Tank which I drew prolly using the GDI medium tank (from C&C Tiberian Dawn) as mind reference. You know, remembering the white rectangle on the turret and wondering what it does. And also the small groupie of black pixels on the turret.

[Drawings] Camping Noddies C&C Tiberian Dawn

Noddies camping by ~NightShadow02

The GDI ambush a Nod encampment. This is what I imagined Noddies would be doing during the calm before the storm. But seems that the storm was early.

[Drawings] Peace at War

Peace at War 01 by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

If I knew how to paint I'd make this a sunsetty piece with an overall sense of peace thing.

Peace is represented by the neutral harvester who harvests and only harvests as his main duty. But in harvesting he fuels the carnage of the war which he is not involved in in the background.

Notice this is the original Tiberian Dawn harvester. Not some rectangular crap as it is in Renegade.