Friday, October 15, 2010

[Flash Animation] Baby Pupa Vs The Cone

Wow how many MGS:Peace Walker related posts exactly am I going to post amirite?

Wait, that line seems familiar. =___= NOPE! Never used it. Aha.

This is a minor project done during my spare time. Clearly, this monstrosity is from that game Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker which I am by now totally numb towards to.

The Pupa still fascinates me due to its flexibility. In-game, her motions remind me of an adorable little girl running around gleefully and happens to accidentally crash into you quite often.

This animation is supposed to convey that emotion but without the murderous rage.

This Baby Pupa model, which has no weapons, (and a school bag on it's hind quarters) was designed by me. I made the general silhouette of the Pupa still recognizable and yet added a bit of squash and stretch. So you could say it is slightly-super-deformed.

Software used, Maya. And of course Flash for embedding into an .swf.

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