Saturday, June 27, 2009

Up Butt Coconut

Now this is something that I created for TOFU! TOFA!

That stands for The Conglomerate Of Awesome Flash Artists. Naw. It doesn't mean that. It actually means...

*checks the official website*

... the Tournament of Flash Artists of course! Hosted at Albinoblacksheep dot com. No that's what you call the site. Albinoblacksheep dot com. Just saying Albinoblacksheep is okay. But Albinoblacksheep dot com is the more proper way of saying it.

But the bummer in this post would seem to point at the fact that this submission will not be able to be accepted. Due to the usage of his lordship Sir Esquire Master Parry Gripp's audio production, Up Butt Coconut, (I require his permission) the animation will not be accepted, and with only 3 hours left till the deadline, I did what a normal man would do. PANIC AND FRANTICALLY CONJURE UP SOMETHING NOOOWWWW!

I made this

Don't worry. Sense.
It does not make.

UPDATE: Parry Gripp has granted permission to use his song for the competition! (in the comments) Unfortunately it won't be accepted because it's past the deadline.