Wednesday, April 25, 2007

[Flash] Summer

The Summer by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

A strange scene I saw in my head when listening to this music. Sorry no preloader! Please visit the link stated above.

[Art] Please do not eat the tiberium

Please do not eat the Tiberium by ~NightShadow02

One of many 'Tiberium is our future' posters that I've made up.

[Flash] Bunch of cuteness

one of many paintchats I had with a friend of mine, ooi shin

[Flash] Barry likes to dance

BARRY LIKES TO DANCE by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

a loop for an animation for an assignment. Sorry no preloader! Please visit the link stated above.

[3D] GDI Pitbull WIP

GDI Pitbull WIP by ~NightShadow02

A pitbull which I'm still working on. It definitely needs more details.

Friday, April 06, 2007


COMRADE by ~NightShadow02

We all love bananas with ripped abs and tight abs.

[Comic] The Head of Nod

The Head of Nod by ~NightShadow02

I'd like to think the reason Kane is bald is because he has chronic cranial hair growth syndrome

[Art] Orange Chan

Orange-chan by ~NightShadow02

MMMMM oranges *wets lips*

i was randomly choosing colors. tell me if they look fine or blinding. to those who do not yet know, I'm color blind. [/end sob story]

I have since found out that there's some species of GREEN in that coloring of mine. How insane is that huh?