Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Boss Chibi

If anyone is able to create a plushie which is accurate to the design shown here, please gimme a squeal.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Period Pain

Conversation I had with a friend and art style + humour inspired by Natalie Dee.

More from her:

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Angry Eggplant

Angry Eggplant from Devastis's Weerd Flazh makes cameo in real life.

Katamari Prince

The Prince loves his katamari. It is pretty and colorful. The ladies love him because of his huge ball.

Eeek Robat!


Doodled during a boring law-based lecture. Yaaaawn~

Certainly lacks 3D-ness. Looks pretty flat. Requires different line quality. Artist needs parctice. PARCTICE I SAY.


Lion dancers liek for srsly.


I was looking at the PSP game Patapon the other day and decided to reinvent them in a different style.

Vicious Patapons by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

Certainly not the best drawings but what the hey.

Snake is too damn sexy

He's so damn sexy you just can't shoot him.

Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops

Big Boss by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

Here's a drawing of Big Boss in Ashley Wood's style. Really gruff and sexy. It was difficult to get the anatomy right since I never tried figure drawing.

Big Boss in fancypancy suit by ~NightShadow02 on deviantART

And this is a less serious drawing of Big Boss in which was inspired by Star Wars Clone Wars art style.