Tuesday, November 21, 2006

[Flash] Walk animation

Today in class, all of us showed our walk animation. Some were really good liek Ninas, Alan I think and Ali's fluid alien movement was pretty cool. Cept for the fact that the shadows and highlights on his one didn't look to pleasant. But the movement was super. Mine (jumping around in the background) was rejected because t'was technically not walking. After seeing everyones great effort, I made another one with even greater effort. (TWO hours now instead of the previos ONE!) Here it is.

We Still Love The Prince by ~NightShadow02


Anonymous said...

I thought like night u disuruh me go sleep early? y this post post at 3am le??!! R u lying again?

NightShadow said...

Yup, I see the animation ready liao so i wake up post for a while then slip agane. n__n