Tuesday, November 21, 2006

[Drawings] Conscript from RA2

Conscript 1.1 by ~NightShadow02

Soviet Conscript from Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 by Westwood Studios

Cheap man with cheap gun. Mainly used as cannon fodder, these units are only useful in numbers higher than two million. Costs $100 in the game. Dont let their mean looks decieve you, they are a good natured lot these conscripts they are. Loyally obeying your every orders (like making them charge blindly into chaotic situations where death is no doubt certain) with the occasional 'da.'. Occasionally stretches and yawns while idling.

This is a redrawing of a soviet conscript. Now he looks bigger better and brawnier. I saw a picture somewhere of a CG conscript in which it looked really creepy and therefore cool.

Yep, it's a conscript sir. Shall I get the sniper rifle?

No, no that' won't be necessary, we'll just drive by him, he can't hurt us. Why waste ammo?

True sir, true.

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