Monday, November 20, 2006

Well enough uploading for today

Lets see, I've uploaded a buttload today and I'll continue tomorow. Rest assured, all these posts will not dissappear over time. As you can see, I have neatly organized the links to which each post will be put into overtime. Most of the stuff that I've uploaded today are pencil drawings so they will go under the pencil drawing post.

Now that I think of it, it involves some serious copy pasting and editing. Hoo boy. Well, anything for the sake of art!

On that note, here are today's recomendded flash movies!


Heard the song Albuquerque (al-boo-kir-key) by Weird Al? This guy made an animation which I enjoyed very muchly. The movements of the main character are in sync and well done. I like the GETEMOFFME part. 10MB in size. Make sure u have broadband!


A graphically enjoyable 3D missile game! It was fun for the first few levels until I became so slow that I died a hundred deaths. Go. Play it. Go on now. Scoot.

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