Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Drawings - Last Update 25/04/07

This post lists all drawings that I have deemed worthy for critical examination that I have uploaded to date. Clicking these links will bring u to each drawings's respective post.

They're currently divided into

1.Concept Art
  • Tanks
  • Characters
  • Moving Fortresses
  • Terrestial Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Misc.

3.Command & Conquer Fan Art
  • General
  • Red Alert 2
  • Tiberian Dawn
  • Generals

Concept Art
Electron Tank
Random WW2 Tank
Generic Single Barreled Battle Tank

Barry the Exploding Banana NEW
MGS Snake

Commodore Sool
Soldiers and their various personalities
Strong Ripped Muscular Soldier
Two soldiers interact with a shotgun
Captain Hero Face - Master of Swordsplay, Legendary Pirate, Sworn Destroyer of the Undead

Moving Fortresses
FS-74 Complicated Big Moving Fortress Tank
Guru Tank Moving Fortress
Iksnu MPV Moving Fortress

Terrestial Vehicles
Concept Chibi Jeep
Generic Street Tuner
Snail Ex Machina

Baby Boeing (NEW)
Harrier in my style
Made up Goliath chopper


Lara Croft
Random old friend
General Mizu of the NSArmy

Westwood Studio's Command & Conquer Fan Art
Tiberium Wars Witty Poster
Entry for CNC3 Design Contest

Red Alert 2
Allied Task Force
Old Soldier Designs
Chrono Legionaire
Battle between Allies and Soviets
Inside A War Factory
Battle Fortress in my drawing style
Kirov Airship With Huge Mouth
RA2 Units being out of character
Everyone's favourite Prism Tank
My rendition of a Tesla Trooper early style
Bugeyed Yuri
Not the Conscript you remember
Tesla Trooper drawn my newer style
Guardian GI with as of that time horrible shading

Tiberian Dawn
Peace At War
Nod soldiers ambushed during a camping trip
An action filled (not the kind you are probably expecting) drawing of a GDI base
Made up Goliath chopper

Soldiers Driving Humvees with a bunch of reinforcements in the background
USA Attack Force

Zaibatsu GTA2 logo
Some o' my friends in comic style
Hideous Failed Attempt at Digital Painting (I'm color blind)

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