Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Progress Czech

Due to the scaring of cousins and engagement in highly-explosive detonating activities, only so much was able to be done during the past trimester break.

What you see here is the Temple. Inspiration comes from the bar building in Samurai Jack episode "Samurai versus Samurai"

This is the squid. I am still unsatisfied with its outcome. Further work shall be worked on to the squid in the weeks to come. This shall function as a placeholder as of now.

Background 01: Shot of temple from quite a distance

Background 02: Shot of temple and Jack(not shown) to indicate character placement

Background 03: Shot from inside temple. Doors will open up revealing a Skeleton Jack. Doors will be added later.

Background 04: Generic grayish background. Side view of Jack will appear in foreground.

Background 05: A flight of stairs on which Jack will travel downwards into the fortress.

Background 06: Hallway at end of stairs. Warm lighting from adjacent area is slightly visible.

Background 07: Generic background with a hint of orange/red (help me I'm color blind)

All backgrounds were drawn and colored in Flash. 3D assets were crafted in 3DS Max.

That's all for now folks.

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