Friday, December 25, 2009

Being a meanie in Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops

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In MGS Portable Ops, one of the main things in the game to do is to recruit soldiers.

In the picture above, you can see the result of a few minutes hard work of disabling soldiers to do as I say. Like force them to give me their guns or their Adult Magazines.

Which reminds me, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is coming out around May of next year. I hope they have some sort of bundle! :D

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Me playing the Peace Walker demo for the first time. There has been three demoes so far since their introduction. The first one was Japanese and was a bit rough in terms of completion. But you get to watch a cutscene, a training level, play 1 boss level and 2 sneaking operations including the tutorial.

The second one was also Japanese but they added an extra level, interactive cutscenes, some new CQC moves, easier to spot orange-clad grunts in the tutorial level and is pretty much similar to the one that people got to play at the Konami booth at the Tokyo Game Show.

The third one had all the features in the second demo but it's in English. David Hayter is back as Snake but Robin Atkin Downes who voices Miller in English does a poor performance with his "Snake Call" when you Fission Mail when compared to his Japanese counterpart.

Still, looking forward to the game next year. :D

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