Sunday, May 23, 2010

My PSP-1000 causes global warming

My PSP recently had its power switch shorted or something. There was a point when I couldn't turn it on at all.

Then thanks to the magic of youtube, I was able to find a video explaining how to turn it on without using the power switch.

Brush your screwdriver gently over the power-connectors

And just like that, it was working again!

Unfortunately, when closing up the PSP, I bumped it a little and the battery came out and it shut itself down. Thus requiring me to unscrew everything back out then open it back up again and redo that brushy screwdriver stunt.

Long story short, I now have a working PSP that I cannot shut down unless I want to disassemble and reassemble my PSP every 3 hours.

It is coming up for sale to those who would like to own a Planet-Destroyer-Class PSP soon because I'm going to get me one of THESE:

something amazing

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